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RISKCYCLE Newsletter

The Coordination Action RISKCYCLE is joined by international, European and national experts and stakeholders from different programmes and organisations. All partners have a specialized knowledge and insights about the usage, global dispersion and the impacts of chemicals which they can feed into the discussion about suitable strategies for a safer use and handling of potentially hazardous substances.

Approaches in developing such strategies and the progress that has already been achieved are issues of public interest. Huge amounts of information and news from research, the industry and concerned groups and organizations are produced every day. It shall be part of the activities undertaken by the partners of the Coordination Action RISKCYCLE to compile some of the most relevant news and reflect them against the declared goals and actions of this project in a regular newsletter.

In this section information about the current and upcoming newsletter publications will be provided as will a direct access to the latest edition of the RISKCYCLE newsletter.

3rd Newsletter published

The 3rd edition of the RISKCYCLE newsletter was released by the end of 2011 and summarizes the project, its goals and the activities performed until to date.
It provides an overview on the latest RISKCYCLE workshop and also announces the Final Project Conference in Dresden as another upcoming event of this CA by the month of May, 2012. The newsletter can be directly accessed from here.

The 3rd newsletter concludes the series of RISKCYCLE newsletter which started with the 1st edition in March 2010.


All editions of the RISKCYCLE newsletter can be viewed in our newsletter archive.