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Site-specific research

Providing an overview on general waste management organisation and structures in the countries of the project partners

Population increase and economic growth have been very rapid in the past decades especially in Asian countries. Both phenomena have as inevitable result the rushing development of waste quantities, which usually overturn planning and inhibits sustainable development and creation of the necessary infrastructure to manage the increased waste stream. Rational SWM and environmental policy enforcement is therefore essential in order to ensure protection of the environment. The organisation of SWM at local level still faces, however, significant problems in some of the participating countries and requires modernisation both in organisational and operational level. Communities are the ones who are eventually burdened with the problems arising from non-rational SWM. Providing insights into general waste management organisation and structures in the participating countries has been considered helpful for the considerations done in the frame of this project on the factors influencing SWM, and as a part of the mutual learning process. The project partners for this purpose assembled documentations depicting general SWM structures in their countries and compiled information on the main stakeholder organisations in tabular sheets.

[Germany -> Environmental institution structure -> SWM Stakeholders -> Local SWM organisation]

[Greece -> SWM Stakeholders] [Philippines -> SWM Stakeholders].

Establishing the general waste management framework in the areas selected for pilot research

Further to the above information on general SWM structures, the compliation of data describing waste management preconditions in the wider area of the project's actual pilot research has been undertaken in order to establish a basis for planning and to facilitate the discussion of appropriate strategies for the implementation of pilot research.

[Greece] [Vietnam] [Philippines]