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Final Project Conference

The final RISKCYCLE conference, titled "Risk-Based Management of Chemicals and Products in a circular economy at a global scale", was held on May 8-9, 2012 in Dresden, Germany.

Selected results of the investigations and case studies conducted by partners of the CA RISKCYCLE were presented and discussed in the frame of a two days conference program.

On the first day the conference host among others introduced the audience the main aims of the project RISKCYCLE, also presented were strategies for alternative toxicity testing of additives in products (see presentations here).

The day continued with presentations about the migration and emissions of additives from production to reuse, recycling and waste disposal, highlighting the chemical additives fate and behaviour in recycling products (see presentations here), and concluded with a number of risk assessment examples and real life cases of contamination tracing (see presentations here).


The second day of the conference dealt with several risk assessment methodologies and mitigation strategies for human health and environment related risks from additives. A substantial part of the presentations was dedicated to clarify the role of waste management in the control of hazardous substances, and to the life cycle risks from electronic goods and additives contained therein as well as their assessment (see presentation here).

These issues were followed up with a look into the importance of legislative measures such as RoHS and REACH, and EPR policies. Other conference sections provided a wrapping up of the outcome of specific project activities such as the international RISKCYCLE workshops and tried to capture the project partners perceptions on research needs and further policy measures in the field of Risk-Based Management of Chemicals and Products (see presentation here).

Every day the final RISKCYCLE conference has been concluded with a final debate led by the work package leaders and speakers. Together with the audience the content of the presentations and further on the needs of future research in the field of risk-based management of chemicals and additives have been discussed. The papers made for the presentations and the conference posters are included in the conference proceedings.

The proceedings can be ordered via the contact section on the website of the FAA e.V. as the organising institution for this conference. From there can also be obtained single presentations under the 'Download' link.

Further to the results of the conference was also compiled by the organizers the second Volume of the RISKCYCLE book "Global Risk-Based Management of Chemical Additives II: (Risk-Based Assessment and Management Strategies)", The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry, Vol. 23; Springer Verlag, Heidelberg.